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With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, We have helped, multiple security companies exceed and grow nationally.
Having a security business in Victoria, NSW, NT, QLD, NT, WA, SA, ACT in general, can be daunting and challenging. Marketing, Branding and Business Development play a everyday need to bring income and survive. If you don’t have the necessary tools to get started and have the ability to market yourself, without the support or help of SDC, then it will become difficult for you to maintain logistics, and you may end up doing the work yourself.
Shawn Delaney Consultancy (“SDC”) is a private practice that specialises in providing a support service to established security companies that may need help with their business growth, through business development support, branding, media advertising and operational help.
We also provide support services for business turnarounds, strategy, marketing, growth and new adventure developments (interstate licensing). We have solved our client’s toughest challenges.
Security Tenders:
As a valued client of SDC Consultancy, we give you access to apply for Government and Private Security Tenders. We do the complete preparation and lodgement. Our experienced management consultants can introduce you and your services to a variety of businesses, with our business development pack.
The Right Tools:
Having the right tools requires professional documentation that you can present to clients, especially, capabilities and social responsibilities. SDC can design and present the documentation needed, including profiles, capability plans, logos, uniforms and sales brochures to help you with business development.
Contact Shawn Delaney on 0407881918. Or Email: TODAY. Opportunities past every day for you to get started or increase your clients.


The demand for private security in Australia grows at a rate of around 10-15% annually. We pride ourselves on our honest committed approach to our clients and our great-value professional service. SDC offers a number of packages that include a complete set-up of your security company to pay-as-you-go services.

Our Services include:

• Preparing Security Tenders
• Developing Profiles
• Developing Capability Plans
• Creating Logos
• Designing Sales Tools
• Designing Uniforms
• Licensing & Regulatory
• Marketing
• Business Development
Looking objectively at your business needs, we’ll work with you to make a well informed, well considered strategic choice.
Our Business Analysts understand that to really get things done we need to Create new business opportunities.
We offer your business expert management support to all operational areas and client services.
Understanding your business needs and using our on/off management solutions to meet your budget.